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105 - Minitaire

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Badger Patriot airbrush 105 with a 0.5 set up and spare tip
Quick disconnect hose & Plug                                                                                                Badger Minitaire starter and Ghost tint sets                                                             Badger Minitaire 4 oz cleaner                                                                                                Minitaire paint rack                                                                                                                 Airbrush Holder/Stand 
Badger needle juice airbrush lubricant 1 oz

BADGER 105 PATRIOT AIRBRUSH with spare tip                                                                                                   105 Patriot Airbrush, Gravity-Feed,  Double-Action, 0.5mm tip,                                                                             FEATURES
• Single needle/nozzle for spraying all mediums including inks, dyes, watercolours, properly reduced acrylics, enamels, lacquers, and airbrush-ready colours.
Single needle/nozzle sprays pencil thin lines to 3” (76mm) spray pattern                                                                 Minimal spare parts,  Easy cleaning and maintenance  • Patented handle design produces the fastest needle release on the market  Finger tight assembly tolerances Excellent for multiple applications, for novice to advanced airbrush users                                                                                                                         

 Minitaire Paint                                                                                                                                   Rack                                                                                                                                                                         This paint rack holds 44 1oz Minitaire paint bottles
Supplied flatpack  needs assembling and gluing    Glue not supplied

MINITAIRE D6-12GT  STARTER SET 12 x 1oz colours

1 each of : D6-101 Base Grey, 102 Raven Black,103 Snow White,117 Bark,121 Irradiated Yellow,131 Angelic Blood,134 Ecchymose,148 Lagoon Blue, 151 Fresh Grass, 164 Gun Alloy, 166 Antique Gold,178 Ghost tint Oil Discharge.

MINITAIRE D6-12GT  GHOST TINT SET 12 x 1oz colours

1 each of : D6-169 ghost tint green, 170 ghost tint yellow, 171 ghost tint golden yellow, 172 ghost tint orange, 173 ghost tint magenta, 174 ghost tint blue, 175 ghost tint purple, 176 ghost tint brown, 177 midnight blue, 178 oil discharge, 179 ghost tint fresh blood, 180 ghost tint plasma fluid.