Badger Xtreme 105airbrush with Compressor

Xtreme 105-AF186

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Badger Xtreme 105airbrush with Compressor quick disconnect hose and airbrush stand Set

Includes Postage  Parcel Force  next working day

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    Includes Postage  Parcel Force  next working day

    Badger Xtreme airbrush with a 0.3 set up
    Mini air compressor with fan
    Quick disconnect hose & Plug                                                                                                             Airbrush Stand                                                                                                                                       Badger Needle Juice



    The NEW High Roller Trigger (also available separately, part # BAD-50-019HR, fits all Badger airbrushes) is super responsive and will allow you ultimate control of your paint flow for detailed spraying.

    The Xtreme Patriot has a stainless steel needle with an elongated linear air flow design, which enables microscopic atomization (micro-dots). But it also has a reasonably robust .3 nozzle tip that enables incredibly smooth spraying of even the most difficult of media colour, WHITE! Whether acrylic, enamel, lacquer, urethane – it doesn’t matter – this airbrush sprays white better, smoother, and easier than any other airbrush! And any airbrush artist can tell you there is nothing more difficult to spray with an airbrush than white – especially in detail applications.

    The finer elongated linear air flow angle of the Xtreme’s needle in concert with the Xtreme’s .3 aperture nozzle facilitate what maybe the most versatile spray pattern range of any airbrush on the market. The produced micro-dots, resulting from the elongated linear airflow angle, coupled with the “robust” media friendly .3 nozzle aperture allow the Xtreme Patriot 105 to produce legitimate hair line patterns to dense 2½” wide spray patterns. This means artists, whether needing micro-detail or general coverage, may now be able to do both proficiently with just one airbrush. The Xtreme Patriot 105 is more than likely to meet their need as well as, if not better than, switching between a micro-detail and general purpose airbrush. Almost any capable artists will tell you that’d be amazing, and enormously time saving. The atomization combined with the angle of the tip parts gives it a very fine, controlled spray. The tip of your needle is exposed when the trigger isn't pulled back, so you'll want to use the provided protective tip cover and protective case when you're not using the airbrush. We also recommend keeping an extra needle on hand just in case. The exposed tip is a good thing though, you'll find that the paint doesn't collect on the tip like it can with a needle cap.  dark ice' body coating is easy to clean and is a cool gunmetal grey with a satin finish.  Torpedo Nozzle Tip' super-quick and easy tip-dry removal if your paint has a tendency to dry on the tip.  NEW Precision Air Control Dial enables fine tuning of your airflow for varied spray pattern effects. This can allow you to go slower while doing detail work or achieve effects such as stippling.



    Single Cylinder Piston Compressor With Air Tank.
    Multifunctional, low noise.
    Thermally protected.
    Auto release pressure and restart function.
    Constant pressures and Zero pulsation.
    With New Extra Cooling fan for longer running time.


    Type: single cylinder piston compressor with air tank
    Power: 1/5HP
    Voltage: 220-240V
    Maximum pressure: 4 bars (58PSI)
    Air output per min.: 23L/min.
    Auto stop, start at 30psi, stop at 60psi
    Safety valve: release the air pressure automatically when the pressure over 6bar in the air tank.
    Air tank: 3.0L
    Fitting: manometer; pressure regulator; air filter
    Connections 1/8'' BSP
    Weight: 5.2kg
    Dimension: 310x130x310mm
    Electric Cable: 1.9m Fitted with Standard UK 3 Pin Plug

    Certificate:CE, GS, ETL, CETL, ROHS



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Badger Xtreme 105airbrush with Compressor

Badger Xtreme 105airbrush with Compressor

Badger Xtreme 105airbrush with Compressor quick disconnect hose and airbrush stand Set

Includes Postage  Parcel Force  next working day

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