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  • Spectra Tex

    Spectra-Tex Airbrush Colors™ are highly pigmented, professional grade and ready to use. Spectra-Tex Colors can be used on a variety of surfaces

  • Model Flex
  • RC Air


    Badger’s new “RC AIR Lexan Bonding Acrylic Airbrush Colors” will transform Lexan RC car bodies into wild and exciting creations!  Standard opaque’s, brilliant iridescent colors, shimmering metallic colors and hot neon’s; RC AIR Airbrush Colors, combined with creativity, will shift RC car bodies from mediocre to magnificent! 

    RC AIR is a safe, airbrush-ready, water-based acrylic.  It contains a newly developed hardener designed to enhance the drying time for superior Lexan adhesion.  RC AIR also contains a flex resin for increased flexibility and bonding durability during crashes and rollovers.  

    Over 40 RC AIR Airbrush Colors are ideal for painting on a variety of surfaces including Lexan, resins, plastics, and many other porous and non-porous materials.  RC AIR is non-toxic, low odor; it contains no harmful solvents or chemicals and meets and exceeds the ASTMD-4236 standard of excellence.


    . Metalsmith paints enable artists to mix and create their own exact version of pretty much any metal. The product consist of 3 product “groups” - coloured tinting Ores, a metalizing agent called Metal-Look, and Aging Bases. The artist through the mixing of Ores with Metal-Look can create an infinite assortment of metals. The created metal can be adjusted in its depth/richness by a simple change in ratio of Ore to Metal-Look. Then when applied over different aging bases, based on the artist’s desire, the created metal can be made to appear new, old, or ancient

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