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Concrete Gray1oz / 30ml


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BADGER MODEL FLEX 16-11 Concrete Gray1oz / 30ml


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BADGER MODEL FLEX 16-11 Concrete Gray1oz / 30ml

• Available in 1oz. (30ml) plastic bottles
• Made of high-quality organic pigments for superior color retention 
and color fastness
• MODELflex¨ offers extreme fine-coat coverage without concealing 
intricate details
• Primers are not required with most colors (primers are recommended 
with lighter colors)
• Superior adhesion to most plastics, resins, metals and various other
• Paint may be removed with MODELflex¨ cleaner within five minutes 
of application
• Decaling and detailing may begin in 15 minutes if heat dried
• Environmentally friendly, safe to use, non- flammable, non-carcinogenic
• Three clear coats available: Flat #16-601, Satin #16-602 and Gloss #16-603,
plus Extender #16-600