N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp


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N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp

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  • N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp

    The Chameleon Mini USB Magnifier is ideal for use when sewing, reading, crafting or for working in the electronics and the beauty industries.

    It has a modern and sleek design that means it doesn’t take up too much space on your desk and can be folded down neatly when not in use.

    The magnification is 1.75X 3D, making this an invaluable magnifying tool and with the daylight light it emits, it can help you see much more clearly due to enhanced colour matching.

    Nail artists find it really helps when they are doing intricate nail art, as do people who use a sewing machine and want a lamp with strong magnification that doesn't take a lot of work space.

    The controls are on the cable of the lamp and this is where you select the colour temperature from warm (2,700K), cool (4000K) or daylight (5500K). In addition there are also buttons that control the power and brightness of light emitted.

    The bright LEDs clearly light up the area around the glass magnifier and last up to 40,000 hours. LED’s never need replacing, generate very little heat and are very cost effect due to the low amount of energy that they use.

    It is powered by USB so can be directly plugged into a sewing machine USB, battery pack or the three-pin plug that is supplied.

    The clamp will fit on any flat surface and has cushioned pads so that it doesn't damage the furniture it attaches to. The clamp's opening is from 1cm-6cm and the stem of the magnifying lamp fits into the clamp, then you tighten the screw to secure it to a desk or workspace.

    Key Features

    • Flexible arm means that the lamp can be positioned where required.

    • Three step dimmer technology.

    • Strong magnification via the 1.75X 3D magnification lens.

    • All lamp controls handily placed on the cable.

    Technical Details

    • Light source: LED

    • Light colour temperature: 2800K, 4000K and 6500K

    • Lens size: 12cm (4.5”)

    • Magnification: 3D (1.75X)

    • Magnifier diameter: 12cm (4.5")

    • Height: 59cm (23")

    • Reach: 72cm (28")

    • Clamp depth: 1cm - 6cm (2")

    • Cable length: 118cm (46")

    • Weight: 1.2kg

    • Colour: White

    • USB cable with a three-pin plug


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N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp

N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp

N4230 White Chameleon Mini USB Magnifying Lamp