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SNR-326 Stynylrez Neutral Yellow 32oz


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SNR-326 Stynylrez Neutral Yellow 32oz


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SNR-326 Stynylrez Neutral Yellow 32oz


“The perfect prime, everytime”

~Simple and easy application

~Self leveling detail enhancing coverage

~Excellent adhesion and durability

~Dries to a hard flat finish

~For use on plastics, metals, woods,

  resin, various other substrates

 ~Simple and easy clean up

No thinning necessary. Shake well before using.

Best applied with a .5mm or larger nozzle airbrush at 20-30

psi (1.5-2 bar).

Pour the desired amount of STYNYLREZ primer into the

airbrush color reservoir. If using a bottom feed airbrush,

attach jar containing STYNYLREZ to the airbrush. Holding

the airbrush 4-6” (10-15cm) from the item you are priming,

apply STYNYLREZ in even coats over the entire surface of

the item. Apply in light coats, building the primer up until

the entire surface of the item is covered and the items

actual color is hidden. Check all areas and re-spray any

light areas or any areas where the items actual color is still

detectible. Let dry 5 to 8 minutes (3 minutes if dried with an

artificial heat source). Your item is now primed and ready

for painting.

Clean your airbrush by immediately spraying Badger

airbrush cleaner through it.